Recommended Restaurants and Cafés in Nakhon Si Thammarat

As a foreigner, it would be nice to find some place to get some international cuisine around Nakhon Si Thammarat. Here are some recommended restaurants and café.

Lamontee Restaurant and Bar (Mexican Food)

You must say, “Viva Los Mexicana’s cuisine!” Get ready, Burritos beef and chicken, and spicy “just right’ tostadas, plus ‘El Grande Padron Mexican Burger” are waiting for you, amigos! This is such a treat in Nakhon Si Thammarat, forget AEC, Spanish food culture has arrived. A certain group of 6 Thai university food reviewers tried most all entrees and these were the few comments: Chicken burritos (spicy yet mild). Beef burritos (I need to eat with this with spoon?). Mexican Burger (What is this avocado doing on top, Aroi mak mak!). Tostada (I liked the fluffy presentation). However, the discovery the “Mee ladies” raved over, “Chocolate truffle”.

Mr. Chaviarat the propertior with an easy smile and gives you a complete sense of come a chill here. Chef Tu is the magic of Lamontee; her Mexican culinary preparations are welcomed and you will easily savor every bit. Some readers may even attempt our review protocol and try three entrees and desert as one dining experience. YES, siesta followed. Thus readers, new to NST? Do you have the cultural food adventurous palate?  Amigos, Siempre La Victoria, Si!  (Friends, Always Towards Victory, YES.). Lamontee! Bon appetite, in Spanish we say (buen provecho).

Address: 1339/4-5 Yomaraj Road, Tamboon Tha-wang, Amphur Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80000

Directions: Facing the Train station, turn left proceed about 500 meters, look for the yellow sign and Thai style wooden building. (Tables alongside the walkway)

Proprietors and Chefs (Cocinero): Tu Tanaporn, Chaivat Sreevirat

Mobile 094-969-0948, Wifi available

Afternoon Tea Café

Afternoon Tea Café is located in a brown and yellow building and the location provides a quiet respite after traveling into town. As you enter Afternoon Tea Café, the aroma of coffee immediately greets you like saying hello to an old friend. That’s a great distinction of a café! Assorted Tea or Coffee selections and Italian flavored sodas are available. Also cakes are available to complement your break. The two main rooms are spacious with large tables and comfortable sofa chairs for meeting friends. Various travel magazines are available for your reading and browsing pleasure. Pizza and steak are available. The service is efficient and the staff is friendly. This is another clean and well-lighted place to read and chillax. After driving into town on your way to further southern destination, Afternoon Tea Café is convenient rest stop to recharge your energy and relax. You’ll find a great cup of joe waiting for you at Afternoon Tea and Coffee Cafe.

Address: 75 M. 6, Tha-Ngew Rd., Muang, NST 80000 Tel. 080-276-0063 Ekgawut Sukkaew, Proprietor. Open Daily 10:30 am -6:30 pm Closed Wednesdays

Willow Tree – Bar

Upstairs dinning is available and you’ll find this an excellent spot for knocking back a few and shooting the breeze with pals. Downstairs, you’re greeted by a large screen TV.  Attention: Viewing Alert, major sporting events, Super Bowl and that “other football”, are a BIG Deal at the Willow Tree. Chef Ann is quite remarkable with her craft, thus thumbs up!  Mr. Scott and Mrs. A are quite helpful in keeping dinning needs met as they take care of the Willow Tree’s gathering. If you come on Wednesday night, then enjoy “Rooftop Movie Night.”

Address: 130 Pattana Khu Khwang Road, Amphur Muang, NST 80000, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Tel: 093-720-6499,

Open Weekdays   1700-2200   Weekends 1100-2200, Closed Mondays


Loong Nued (Uncle Steak)

Early Sunday evening, while driving on Rachadamnern Road, I noticed a neat row of about four white beach umbrellas with tables and chairs on the sidewalk. I saw the cooks grilling and preparing assorted steaks in front of this family style restaurant. What was curious was the restaurant just opened and they were full. I had to stop and try this out. Uncle Steak offers: beef, chicken, ham, pork steaks, served with fries, and vegetables. Not is the mood for meat, fish and chip entree is on the menu. Let me describe beef steak and fish and chips. The beef steak is presented in a basic family style; the steak was tasty and abundant. The battered fish was soft, and tasty. What is always welcomed is the efficiency of servers who are fast and friendly. What you will like is the prices are under 100 baht. My dinner companion remarked, “The cost is the same as one dish of Thai food.” At Uncle Steak’s restaurant many Thais like to visit again and again. Looking for a side walk family style restaurant, then try Uncle Steak.

Address: by the entrance of Soi Hua-Lang Rachadamnern Road

Tel: 093-648-1721, Open daily 5 pm-10 pm


Ruammit Café , Good place, great coffee


This extremely popular café is located on Walailak’s University entrance road, also known informally as “University Restaurant Road.” For nearly 4 years, Chefs and Owners Khun Sirmas and Khun Sawanya have provided locals and students, “a place just like home,” for meal time. Ruammit Café is an easy place to relax, meet friends, and eat delicious meals. The menu offers student-centered varieties of Thai and Western foods. Popular entrees are the steaks, pork, chicken, sirloin, fish and the salads. Our favorite is the Ruammit Burger Pork, which consists of chicken, cheese, and bacon, and receives the two thumbs up of excellence. Rice entrees, assorted omelets, and chicken and rice entrees are served up as student favorites. The dessert menu offers an array of Italian sodas, frappes, smoothies and milkshakes.  Choose from green milk, caramel, honey, lemon, matcha or lemon matcha. Naturally, a hallmark as a favorite “want something sweet” sweet toast, waffles, and pancakes with assorted toppings deliver the master stroke.

Stepping into Ruammit Café, assorted magazines are available for your dining reading. Listening to slight jazz tunes, compliments your mealtime chat with friends or watching the big screen television. A motto of Ruammit Café “Ars longa Vita brevis” (Life is short, Art is long). The dining art forms await you at Ruammit Café. Ruammit Café NST

Tel. 094-479-1397

Monday to Thursday 11:30 am to 10:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Closed Fridays


Burger House: Halah Food and Monkey Tea

At first glance, you would not think that Burger House: Halah Food and Monkey Tea would become a late night favorite for Walailak University students and Thasala locals. Recently opened, also you would not think such a place would serve a hamburger up to “Our standards” but the cooks do it right. As you see the cook prepare the hamburger(s) you not sure you are watching him make food or a food sculpture. The careful preparation and right amount of ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, sesame seeds, ketchup and a dash of salt and pepper make a tasty burger as well as impressive food creation. I actually stopped to look at this flower like burger before munching down. The price is student friendly, the cook is efficient, fast, and pleasant. Hamburger options are pork, fish, and beef. Additionally, come inside Monkey Tea and try the various beverages available to quench your thirst.

Address: 207/153 University Avenue (Walailak University Entrance Road), Thasala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat

Open 4 pm-10 pm Tuesdays to Sundays, Closed Mondays


Tee Coffee

On that dinner call, when you want something and just don’t know what, then a special Italian entrée awaits you. Move over chefs, “Tee Coffee” does the Italiano style proud. Before you start thinking, Thai / Italian cooking styles, what is the difference?  AL DENTE is the chef’s master cooking stroke, for the pasta is “just right.”  Tee Coffee serves four distinct and appetizing sauces, which compliments the spaghetti entrees perfectly. The sauces, Bolognese is tasty, the Carbonara creamy, then come the fish entrees, salted fish or Pesto and grilled bass, aroi. Before you enjoy that first spoonful, do you hear or feel the gentle island breeze? Hawaiian pizza calls you. Interestingly, Chef Ple trained in the art of pizza making with Chef Umberto at Ciao Bella at Khanom beach. Then by chef’s courtesy and reason, we know chef secrets were shared and sampled to enhance the master touch in Tee Coffee’s pizza selections.  Especially, popular is the thin-crust Hawaiian pizza, your olfactory senses will appreciate the pineapple, onion, sausage, ham, bay leaf, and mozzarella cheese. Still not done, need that “just right” taste? Chef Ple, also trained at Mother Goose Suite, in Bangkok, thus enabling her to bake “Thasala’s most excellent repertoire of pastries,” for your scrumptious “just right, need now, taste.”  Sound good to you, then come take the drive to Thasala, Tee Coffee.

Address: 273/13 Thasala / Noppitum Road, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat, 80160   082-288-8601, Chef Ple. Facebook: Tee Coffee, Wifi available

Restaurant 10:00-21:00, Coffee Shop 08:00-22:00,

Thai Food 06:30-14:00 (Tuesday and Sunday closed)


Casa Thalar-Café et Bistro

Casa Thalar is located in the downtown Thasala, next to the bank. The tables are big for spreading your homework and taking out your laptops, or writing your papers. The decor is a bit of industry art chic, as the environment surrounds you in brown brick tone with brown jugs. This provides the mood for great conversation and generally enjoying your company.

Café Thalar et Bistro offers the standard coffee selections: cold, hot, or frappe beverages. However the desert menu is particularly tasty for example, the waffle with chocolate sauce looks delicious and the young female students were happy sharing this dessert. The light food entrees: Rice, Steak, Pasta are tasty and moderately priced. The Spaghetti entrees come with a variety of sauces, also Japanese noodles, “Yaki Soba” entrée is available. An environmental plus is looking out from the large bay windows and watching the Locals of Thasala, day or night, pass on by. One caveat, Westerners, the menu is in Thai, but the nice people of Casa Thalar are happy to explain their menu.

Address: 268/1 Tambon Thasala, Amphur Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80160

Tel: 099-478-9742


Ciao Bella Italian Restaurant

Driving from Muang District to Khanom Beach would take about 1 hour to taste the most excellent pizza and pasta in the province. Ciao Bella is a real Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta delights, and Thai food, “Local Style.” Chef Umberto demonstrates his culinary talents for authentic Italian cuisine and local style Thai dishes. Chef Umberto makes his pasta, “Al Dente” which is Italian for ‘to the teeth’ and it refers to pasta that is cooked just long enough that it is neither crunchy nor too soft, and its texture appeals to the teeth. Al Dente pasta is simply delicious!  Now just select the rich and delicious sauces from the menu and your meal is “molto bene” perfectto.  What no glass of red wine? Of course, the house red is smooth and complements your meal. A must!

What makes Ciao Bella special are of course the delicious food, but the view of beach as you dine alfresco (in open fresh air) puts you at ease immediately. If you’re lucky you might even see dolphin jumping out of water and playing. Consistently, Chef Umberto is given the excellent reviews by visitors (4.7/ 5 stars); a prestigious website states this easily, “Umberto is Awesome.”  The chocolate mousse is awesome too.

Looking for a weekend drive with a prize at the end, motorcycle it or car it to Ciao Bella at Khanom Beach. The food is “al dente, molto bene.”

Address: 52 Khao Kho Beach, Moo 2, T. Khanom, A. Khanom, Nakhon Si Thammarat 80120
Tel: 080-535-6024, Proprietor, Chef Umberto Giovi, Open daily 10AM-10PM


Kin Ka Nom Café and Restaurant



Tucked away in a quiet street is a fine slice of Nakhon Si Thammarat café’s community. For visitors to the city this is an excellent restaurant that offers a cheerful and spacious café and best foods al carte. Since 2000, Kin Ka Nom has provided an international menu featuring Korean, Japanese, Thai, Western and foods. The menu has quite a range and the desserts are tasty.  The first impression of Kin Ka Nom is the cheerful and spaciousness of the establishment. Parking is convenient, service is friendly and fast. This is a nice place to meet a friend, plan your day, or kick back.

As a consistently word of mouth recommendation as one of the best cafes of the city, it is packed during lunch, so come early or you can make reservations.

Address: 33 Coset Kula Porn   (Close to the 7/11 and Amway Center)
Open every day 10-8 pm (Closed the 3rd Wed of each month)
Tel: 075-322-100



The Snow Cap Bingsoo
Korean Dessert Café       


Patbingsu (팥빙수, sometimes anglicized as patbingsoo, literally “red beans shaved ice”) is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Varieties with ingredients other than red beans are called bingsu and also with the anglicized spelling bingsoo. The snack is highly popular in Korea. (Wikipedia)

Spacious parking is available and the café is a family operation. The Korean Dessert Café is new and has cozy wooden tables and chairs; the atmosphere is industrial chic. Service is friendly and fast; you are greeted by one of the family members, also to increase the speed and accuracy of your order an electronic coaster is given to you that will beep you when your order is ready.

Nakhon Si Thammarat City has many interesting places to explore and visit. You will be delighted and surprised at the international food available in town. Highly recommended Lamontee Restaurant & Bar (094-969-0948). The delicious specialties are the Tacos and burritos entrée.

11.00-21.00 Daily  Wifi availability
Located in the (Outdoor, I Biz Plaza) by McDonald’s, off Patanakarn-KuwangRoad, Amphur Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat  80000